Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero

Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero

Chris leaves no stone unturned, no match unasked about, in his quest to spread wrestling knowledge and history. Enjoy #ShootConversations w/ Chris Hero

Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero
  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Nick Gage

    Enjoy this in depth look at the life and wrestling career of "The King" Nick Gage.

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: The Glamour Girls

    Take a trip back in time with The Glamour Girls on this edition of Shoot Convos w/ Chris Hero!

    Leilani Kai & Judy Martin share stories from a bygone era of professional wrestling and chronicle the struggles of being a female wrestler in the early days.

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Brian Kendrick

    Chris Hero is joined by THE Brian Kendrick to discuss his extravagant and multifaceted career. Sit back and take a fun four hour ride into the life and times of Brian Kendrick.

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Big Damo

    Chris Hero is back with another enlightening Shoot Conversation featuring Big Damo!

    They cover growing up in Ireland, his wrestling journey in Scotland and the UK, becoming Killian Dain in WWE and his return and future as Big Damo. Enjoy!

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: The Mulkeys

    Enjoy another insightful "Shoot Convo" w/ Chris Hero, as we travel back to "The Good Old Days" w/ The Mulkey Brothers!

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Juventud Guerrera

    Enjoy this "Shoot Convo" w/ the Juicy one, Juventud Guerrera!

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Maxx Payne

    Join Chris Hero for another Shoot Conversation and learn about the incredible life of the Man Mountain Rocker himself, Maxx Payne!

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Barry Horowitz

    Pat yourself on the back, Chris interviews Barry Horowitz. Stream Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero on #HighspotsTV!

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Evil Uno

    Chris sits down with Evil Uno of the Dark Order! Stream Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero on #HighspotsTV!

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Dutch

    Filmed at Wrestlecon, Dallas 2022, Chris sits down with the enigma that is one Bobby Dutch, Righteous William Carr.

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Shannon Moore

    Join Chris and Shannon for an indepth look at Shannon's incredible career!

    From the early days of Omega to 3 Count and beyond, this can be considered a part 1 of the interview as there is so much left to discuss and we were literally kicked out of the building because they wanted to lock it up a...

  • Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero: Boris Zhukov

    Join Chris as he chats with Boris Zhukov aka Private Jim Nelson aka Jim Nelson about wrestling in the 80's and 90's on this fun edition of Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero!

  • Chris Hero: Ultimo Dragon Interview

  • SpeedBall Mike Bailey Interview

    Chris is back with another in depth interview, featuring one of our favourite Canadian wrestlers of all time, Speedball Mike Bailey! Chris & Mike cover growing up in Canada as a young Speedball, getting into pro wrestling and Mike's incredible journey in the sport.

    Sit back and enjoy another Sho...

  • MOJO Rawley

    The HYPEST man on the planet is on the hot seat for another edition of "Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero!

    This epic interview goes almost 4 hours and spans all aspects of Mojo's career from starting out in football, college, the NFL and moving into the realm of professional wrestling.

    These tw...

  • Bandido Interview

    This interview could possibly be our most wholesome interview of all time! Bandido came from humble beginnings in Mexico and one of the top luchadors in the world is just as wholesome today!

    You'll enjoy this interview, almost as much as Bandido loves ducks, QUACK QUACK! Stream Shoot Conversatio...


    Chris is back with another epic installment of Shoot Conversations, featuring JONAH! Learn how young J Rock grew up a nerdy wrestling fan in Australia, made his way to Japan for NOAH and conquered the world!

  • Donovan Danhausen & DANHAUSEN!

    WATCH OR BE CURSED! Chris Hero sits down with the very nice, very evil Danhausen! He also forced and coerced Danhausen to put on his human makeup and interviews Donovan Danhuasen about his journey to become DANHAUSEN. Enjoy this very nice interviewhausen!

    Donavan Danhausen Interview: 2hr 41min



    Strap in for one of the very best Highspots Interviews in recent memory as Chris Hero sits down with Dirty Dango, Johnny Armadillo, FAAAANDango, the Portuguese Sun Dragon himself, Johnny Curtis.

    You're in for a wild one Cowboy, on episode of #ShootConversations on Highspots TV

  • Derrick Dukes

    Chris is back with "Starfire" Derrick Dukes for an in depth interview about coming up in the AWA, overseas tours and his short lived infamous boxing career. If you are a fan of the history of professional wrestling, you don't want to miss this "Shoot Conversation".

  • Danhausen Only


  • Molly Holly

    Highspots TV is excited to debut a brand new interview series, "Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero", and what an incredible guest for a debut show, Molly Holly! Chris sits down with one of the genuinely nicest people in professional wrestling and digs deep into her journey in the strange world of ...