SHIMMER & Women's Wrestling

SHIMMER & Women's Wrestling

Featuring the top female wrestlers from around the world!

SHIMMER & Women's Wrestling
  • Queens Of Combat 12

    Dominique Fabiano VS Rudy Jordan

    D’arcy Dixon VS Solo Darling

    Lufisto VS Nicole Savoy

    Su Yung VS Malia Hosaka

    Ariel Monroe, Devyn Nicole, & Savannah Evans VS Kennadi Brink, Ray Lyn, & Samantha Heights

    Tessa Blanchard VS Candice Lerae

    QOC Championship
    Taeler Hendrix VS Jessicka Havok

  • Queens Of Combat 11

    Kennadi Brink VS Ruby jordan
    Samantha Heights VS Devyn Nicole
    Ray Lyn VS Dominique Fabiano
    D’arcy Dixon Vs Jessicka Havok
    Solo Darling VS Lufirsto
    Ariel Monroe & Savannah Evans VS ,malia Hosaka & Su Yung
    Tessa Blanchard vs Nicole Savoy
    QOC Championship
    Taeler Hendrix (c) VS Candice LeRae

  • Queens Of Combat 10

    Brittany Blake VS Mandy Leon
    Ariel Monroe, Devyn Nicole, & Savannah Evans VS Amanda Rodriguez, Angel Blue, & Miss Diss Lexia w/ Zane Riley
    Rosita VS Rebel
    Crazy Mary Dobson & Su Yung VS Leva Bates & Solo Darling
    Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan VS Colt Cabana & Heidi Lovelace
    Mickie James VS Lufisto

  • Queens Of Combat 9

    Solo Darling VS Devyn Nicole
    Allysin Kay VS Malia Hosaka
    Ariel Monroe & Savannah Evans VS Kennadi Brink & Miss Diss Lexia w/ Harlem Bravado
    Barbie Hayden VS Angie Skye
    D’arcy Dixon VS Taylor Made VS Su Yung
    Nicole Savoy VS Leva Bates
    Crazy MAry Dobson VS Tessa Blanchard VS Lufisto VS Taeler Hendrix

  • Queens Of Combat 8

    Kennadi Brink VS Amanda Rodriguez
    Brandi Wine & Malia Hosaka VS Ariel Monroe & Savannah Evans
    Taylor Made VS Barbi Hayden
    Leva Bates VS Nicole Savoy VS Solo Darling VS Heidi Lovelace
    Su Yung VS Kimber Lee
    Jessicka Havok VS Crazy Mary Dobson VS LuFisto
    QOC Championship
    Taeler Hendrix (c) VS Allysi...

  • GirlFight Wrestling: Georgia

    Samantha Heights VS Priscilla Kelly
    Kayla Lynn VS Madi Maxx
    Nina Monet VS Miss DissLexia
    Crystal Rose VS Amazing Maria
    Amber O’Neal VS Aja Perera
    Six Woman Tag Team Elimination: Jessica Leigh, Kiera Hogan & Su Yung VS Dementia D’rose, Mickie Knuckles & Tragedy Ann

  • Queens Of Combat 7

    QOC Title Tournament
    Candic Lerae VS Barbi Hayden VS Donna Purrazzo VS Heidi Lovelace

    QOC Title Tournament
    Tessa Blanchard w/ Tully Blanchard VS Jessicka Havoc

    QOC Title Tournament
    Candice Lerae VS Taeler Hendrix

    Brandi Wine VS Amanda Rodriguez

    Chelsea Green VS Crazy Mary Dobson

    ODB VS Leva...

  • GirlFight Wrestling 9: Gender Wars

    GirlFight Wrestling 9: Gender Wars - April 12th, 2016, Jeffersonville, IN.
    Shane Mercer VS Dominique Fabiano
    Samantha Heights VS Ron Mathis
    ThunderKitty VS Tracy Smothers
    John Wayne Murdoch VS Randi West
    Caleb Konley VS Rebel
    Aaron Williams VS Crazy Mary Dobson
    Jessicka Havok VS Mad Man Pondo

  • GirlFight Wrestling: Pittsburgh

    Team Sea Stars VS ???
    Amazing Maria VS Lonydn Ali
    Jinx VS Scarlet
    Maria Manic VS Mandy Leon
    Madi Maxx VS Ingrid Isely

    QOC/Girlfight Championship NO DQ
    Mickie Knuckles VS Su Yung

  • Queens Of Combat 6

    2nd Chance Qualifier
    Crazy Mary Dobson VS Hania VS Leva Bates

    Tournament Matches
    Santana Garrett VS Su Yung
    Taeler Hendrix VS Amanda Rodriguez
    Lufisto VS Tessa Blanchard
    Jessicka Havok VS Second Chance Winner

    Non Tournament Matches
    Mandy Leon vs Jenny Rose
    Chasity Taylor, Solo Darling & Amy Lov...

  • Queens Of Combat 5

    Solo Darling VS Su Yung
    Chasity Taylor VS Heather Owens
    Santana Garrett VS Mandy Leon
    Hania The Huntress VS Tessa Blanchard
    Jenny Rose VS Amanda Rodriguez
    Taeler Hendrix VS Amy Love
    Jessicka Havok VS Miss Diss Lexia
    Leva Bates VS Lufisto

  • Queens Of Combat 4

    Solo Darling VS The Great Sisaki
    Amanda Rodriguez & Amy Love VS Miss Diss Lexia & Roni Nicole
    Andrea VS Amber O'Neal
    Mary Dobson VS Tessa Blanchard
    Sassy Stephie & Leva Bates VS Su Yung and Taeler Hendrix
    Nevaeh VS Nikki Storm
    Jessicka Havok VS LuFisto in a No Disquali...

  • WSU: 9th Anniversary

    Jessicka Havok VS LuFisto
    Su Yung (w/ Chrissy Rivera) VS Samantha Heights
    Leva Bates (c) VS Hania for the WSU Spirit Championship
    Brittany Blake VS Penelope Ford
    Jordynne Grace VS Jenny Rose
    The Fella Twins (Rick Cataldo and Eddie McQueen) VS Annie Social and Gabby Gilber...

  • Girlfight Wrestling: Gender Wars 2

    Cassandra Golden vs. Mikey
    Charlie Kruel vs. Freddie Hudson
    Amazing Maria vs. Corey Storm
    Alice Crowley vs. Cole Radrick
    Billie Starkz vs. Johnathan Wolf
    Bradley Prescott IV vs. Randi West
    PPW Title Match · AJ Gray vs. Aja Perera
    Ace Austin vs. Samantha Heights

  • Girlfight Wrestling: Death Becomes Her 2

    Death Becomes Her 2 Tournament First Round Barbed Wire Boards Match
    Randi West vs. Marli Knox
    Death Becomes Her 2 Tournament First Round Bat Madness Match
    Amazing Maria vs. Khloe
    Death Becomes Her 2 Tournament First Round Fans Bring The Weapons Match
    Addy Starr vs. Sabrina Hexx
    Death Becomes Her ...

  • Queens Of Combat 3

    Miss Diss Lexia VS Savannah Evans
    Amanda Rodriguez VS Mary Dobson
    Dani Jax & Sojournor Bolt VS Jessie Kaye & Roni Nicole (w/ Zane Riley)
    Nevaeh VS Angelina Love
    Mickie James VS Tessa Blanchard
    Havok vs. LuFisto
    The Lucha Sisters (Leva Bates & Mia Yim) (w/ Olaf) VS Th...

  • Queens Of Combat 2

    Amy Love VS Solo Darling
    Miss Rachel (w/ Zane Riley) VS Amanda Rodriguez
    Miss Rachel VS Tessa Blanchard
    Marti Belle VS Heidi Lovelace
    Heather Patera VS Audrey Marie
    Sojournor Bolt VS Amber O'Neal
    The Killer Death Machines (Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh) VS Sassy Stephie & Ta...

  • Queens Of Combat 1

    Leva Bates VS Amber O'Neal
    Amanda Rodriguez & Amy Lee VS Heather Owens & Miss Rachel
    Reby Sky VS Nevaeh
    Jessicka Havok VS Sojournor Bolt
    Taeler Hendrix VS Serena Deeb

  • WXW: Femme Fatales

    Alpha Female vs. Alexis Rose

    Dahlia Black vs. Jinny

    Leah Vaughan vs. Melanie Gray

    Pollyanna vs. Shanna

    Elimination 4 Way Dance im Finale

    Non Tournament: Laura di Matteo vs. Queen Maya

  • Queens Of Combat: Rise Episode 8

    On the Season 2 finale, Su Young battles Hudson Envy in the first cage match in Queens Of Combat history for her coveted QOC championship. #QOCRISE

  • Queens of Combat: Rebirth Episode 7.5

    On this Bonus episode of #QOCRISE we look at the bad blood between Su Yung vs Hudson Envy as they prepare to settle their feud in the first cage match in Queens Of Combat history.

    This supposed features their match from Season 1 of #QOCRebirth, promos, attacks and a bonus match from our friends ...

  • Queens Of Combat: Rise Episode 7

    On this episode Thick and Juicy look for some revenge and the QOC tag titles as they get another shot at Ruthless Ambition and the Riley Family. #QOCRISE

  • Queens Of Combat: Rise Episode 6

    On this episode of #QOCRISE former partners in crime and "Pretty Mean Girls" Madi Maxx and Renee Michelle square off to try and settle their feud once and for all, will Madi get what she wants?

    and in our main event, it's a battle between two rising stars in QOC, as Angel Rose battles Samantha H...

  • Queens Of Combat: Rise Episode 5

    On this edition of #QOCRISE, in a royalty rematch Leyla Hirsch challenges Nicole Pain and in our main event it's triple threat action Veda Scott VS Isla Dawn VS Kiera Hogan.