Riot Lucha/ Lucha Libre

Riot Lucha/ Lucha Libre

Riot Lucha/ Lucha Libre
  • Riot Lucha: La Rina en el Cerro de la Silla Night 2

    "La Riña en el Cerro de la Silla (night 2)" (#19 - Monterrey, México - 08/23/2018)

    A two day tournament to crown the first ever Riot Lucha Champion

    Semifinals to La Riña Tournament

    Sayrus vs Demonio del Aire

    Chik Tormenta vs Ayako Hamada

    Riot Rumble

    Tournament Final

  • Riot Lucha: La Rina en el Cerro de la Silla Night 1

    First Round Tournament Match: Iron Kid vs Madness
    First Round Tournament Match: Belial vs Douki
    First Round Tournament Match: Arez vs Demonio del Aire
    Kratoz vs Prometeo vs Chik Tormenta
    First Round Tournament Match: Willy Banderas vs Low Rider
    First Round Tournament Match: Erik Ortiz vs Fuego de...

  • Riot Lucha: Chicles

    "Chicles" (#17 - Monterrey, México - 05/04/2019)

    Erik Ortiz vs Sayrus

    Muerte Extrema vs Silencio vs Hijo del Espectro

    Madness vs Low Rider

    UnMexicans (Kaientai and Byron) vs Los Culichis (Mr. Iguana and Fresero Jr.)

    Black Terry vs Simbolo

    Please Don't Dive Match: Aramis vs Iron Kid vs...

  • Riot Lucha: Tonta Evento Sorpresa No 2

    Tonto Evento Sorpresa No.2" (#16 - Monterrey, Mexico - 02/02/2019)

    Mistery Show

  • Riot Lucha: Inedito

    "Inédito" (#14 - Monterrey, México - 07/28/2018)

    It's Sammy Guevara's Birthday and this is his party

    Madness vs Baby Xtreme

    Tony Rodriguez vs Chik Tormenta

    UnMexicans (Kaientai and Byron) vs Guantos Bros (Brian Villa and Willy Banderas)

    Lady Flammer vs Baby Xtreme

    Erik Or...

  • Riot Lucha: Fanboy

    "Fanboy" (#15 - Monterrey, Mexico - 09/29/2018)

    Madness vs Muerte Extrema

    Psicotico vs Brian Villa

    Please Don't Dive 3: Demonio del Aire vs Willy Banderas vs Latigo vs Prometeo vs Arez

    Kratoz vs Jack Evans

    Erik Ortiz vs Skayde

    The UnMexicans Open Challenge, Hardcore Match: UnMexicans (Kaien...

  • Riot Lucha: RIOTMania

    "Riotmania" (#13 - Monterrey, Mexico - 05/26/2018)

    "La Fiesta Tranqui de la Lucha Regia"

    Our very infamous "dark show". There was a problem with the building's power system that affected our sound system and lighting, but not our will to have fun. This show also ended up being Ultimo Ninja's la...

  • Spitting Venum: Damian 666

  • Bandido Interview

    This interview could possibly be our most wholesome interview of all time! Bandido came from humble beginnings in Mexico and one of the top luchadors in the world is just as wholesome today!

    You'll enjoy this interview, almost as much as Bandido loves ducks, QUACK QUACK! Stream Shoot Conversatio...

  • Riot Lucha: No Sabes Quien

    For the first time ever (in Mexico) we ran a surprise show. No name or match were announced for this show; people found out the matches as the show kept going.

  • Riot Lucha: BLOW

    "BLOW" (#10 - Monterrey, Mexico - 07/27/2017)

    Riot Lucha's 10th show, featuring a match on the tournament to determine the first ever PowerbombTV Independent Champion.

    Full Card:

    Rookies match:

    Hell Raider vs Black Raider

    Low Rider vs Sayrus

    Hardcore match

    Psicótico vs Muerte Extrema vs By...

  • Riot Lucha: Legalicen El Martinete

    "Legalicen El Martinete" (#11 - Monterrey, México - 04/11/2017)

    Riot Lucha's 11th show. We want el Martinete and its variations to be completely legal in Lucha, and we protest by doing a show.

    Full Card:

    Muerte Extrema vs Mr. Iguana vs Azrael

    Erik Ortiz vs Byron vs Furor

    Septimo Dragon vs S...

  • Konnan Shoot Interview

    "Spitting Venum with Rob Viper featuring Konnan"

    Rob Viper sits down with the one and only Konnan to talk everything Lucha Libre, AAA, Intergender Wrestling, LU and much much more.

    Plus they bury Sammy Guevara, what more could you ask for? Enjoy!

    Bonus Match Courtesy of RIOT Lucha Libre

    1st E...

  • Spitting Venum: Aerostar Y Drago

  • Spitting Venum: Aeroboy Y Aramis

  • Hijo Del Vikingo Interview

    Vikingo is on the hot seat as the infamous Roberto Viper peppers him with YOUR questions! #HighspotsTV

  • Riot Lucha: Habemus Riot

    "Habemus Riot" (#1 - Monterrey, México - 03/10/2015)

    Our very first show,

    Full Card:

    - Psicótico vs Byron

    - Alberto 2 Rios vs "Luchador Sorpresa"

    - Arez vs Erik Ortiz vs Kaientai

    - Low Rider & Sammy Guevara vs Ultimo Ninja & Kratoz

    - Caifan I vs Epydemius

    - Dralion vs Rey Horus

  • Spitting Venum: Laredo Kid

    Enjoy this deep dive into the world of Lucha Libre w/ Laredo Kid, hosted by Rob Viper!

  • Wrestlecon 2018: The Crash @ Wrestlecon

    Black Danger & Lacey Lane VS Angel Fashion & Christi Jaynes VS Barbi Hayden & Joey Ryan VS Douglas James & Thunder Rosa

    Daga VS Bandido

    Flip Gordon VS Rey Horus VS Laredo Kid

    Desmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz VS Aeroboy & Black Diamond VS Curt Stallion & Jason Cade VS OVE

    Brian Cage VS Willie Ma...