• AAW: Ring Of Fire 2

    Announced so far:
    AAW Championship Match
    Davey Vega (c) VS Mat Fitchett

    Loser Leaves Town - Last Man Standing
    Solomon Tupu VS Conan Lycan

    Isaiah Moore & Joey Avalon VS Anthony Katana & Koa Laxamana

    Robert Anthony VS BEEF

    Also scheduled to appear Heather Reckless, Shazza Mckenzie, Sierra, Joe ...

  • Wrestlecon: Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow 2024 IPPV

    Nic Nemeth VS Joey Janela
    Josh Alexander VS Masato Tanaka
    RVD VS Speedball Mike Bailey
    10 Man Tag: Team CMLL VS Team Dragongate
    Mistico, Barbaro Cavernario, Star Jr., Averno & Villano III Jr. VS Dragon Kid Ben K, Shun Skywalker, Yamato & Kota Minoura!
    Philly Street Fight:
    Paul Walter Hauser VS Sa...

  • AAW: Legacy 20th Anniversary Event

    AAW presents “Legacy: The 20th Anniversary Event”

    Berwyn Street Fight
    Heather Reckless & Maggie Lee VS Shazza McKenzie & Missa Kate

    Robert Anthony VS Gary Jay

    AAW Womens Championship
    Sierra (c) VS Queen Aminata

    Mat Fitchett & Ren Jones VS Hartenbower & Xavier Walker

    AAW Heritage Championship...

  • AAW: Windy City Classic IPPV

    AAW presents the Windy City Classic, December 30th, Chicago, IL.

    AAW Championship
    Davey Vega (c) w/ John E. Bravo VS Mance Warner

    Silas Young VS Gary Jay

    Manders VS Calvin Tankman

    Robert Anthony VS Chico Sauve

    Ladder Match for a shot at the AAW Heritage Championship
    Conan Lycan VS Dante Leon...

  • AAW: Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2023

    AAW presents the 2023 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament, 12/1/2023 in Chicago, IL.

    AAW Heavyweight Championship
    Davey Vega (c) w/ John E Bravo VS Ren Jones

    AAW Womens Championship
    Sierra (c) VS Shazza Mckenzie

    AAW Tag Team Championship
    Russ Jones & Scaff (c) VS The Outrunners

    Jim Lynam Tournament...

  • AAW: Unstoppable IPPV

    AAW Heavyweight championship
    Davey Vega (C) w/ John E Bravo VS Calvin Tankman

    AAW Womens Championship: Last Woman Standing Match
    Masha Slamovich (c) VS Sierra

    Gnarls Garvin w/ John E Bravo VS Karam

    Robert Anthony VS Frontman Jah C

    LumberJack Match
    Silas Young VS Gary J

    ChiTown Rumble Match

  • AAW: Chaos Theory IPPV Replay

    AAW presents “Chaos Theory” Friday Sept 29th, 2023, Chicago, IL.

    AAW Heavyweight Championship
    Davey Vega (c) VS Gringo Loco

    Conan Lycan VS Joe Alonzo w/ Chuck Smooth

    AAA Latin American Championship
    QT Marshall (c) VS Solomon Tupu

    Chicago Street Fight for the AAW Heritage Championship

  • AAW: Art Of War

    AAW presents “Art Of War live Thursday Aug 31 in Berwyn, IL.

    No Rope Barbed Wire
    Mance Warner VS Robert Anthony

    AAW Heavyweight championship
    Davey Vega (c) VS Jake Something

    AAW Womens Championship
    Masha Slamovich VS Sierra

    AAW Tag Team Championship
    Russ Jones & Schaff (C) VS Ren Jones & Xavi...

  • AAW: Never Say Die

    AAW Presents "Never Say Die" LIVE from Berwyn, IL.

    Pure Rules Match
    Robert Anthony VS Mance Warner

    Silas Mason Vs Silas Young

    Also scheduled to appear Davey Vega, Heather Reckless, Russ Jones, Sierra, Ren Jones, Gnarls Garvin and more to be announced!

    Card Subject To Change.

  • NGW: Wrestle Wars IPPV Replay

    NGW presents Wrestle Wars filmed live July 8th in Knoxville, TN.

    Bobby Flaco VS Terry Yaki, Rico Gonzalez and Kavron Kanyon.
    Kayla Kassidy VS Levi Everett.
    Shane Andrews VS Davey Vega.
    NGW Eastern States Championship
    Logan Easton LaRoux (c) VS Caleb Konley VS Brayden Lee
    Defy PNW Championship

  • NGW: Wrestle Wars- Main Event featuring Tyler Breeze

    NGW presents “Wrestle Wars” Live from Jackson Terminal in Knoxville, TN.

    NGW Championship
    Matt Cross (c) VS Tyler Breeze

    Su Yung VS Dani Mo

    NGW Eastern States Championship
    Logan Easton Laroux (c) VS Caleb Konley VS Brayden Lee

    Davey Vega VS Shane Andrews

    Defy Pacific Northwest Championship

  • AAW: Uno Mas

    AAW presents Uno Mas featuring the return of Fenix! Streaming Live May 6th 2023.

    Rey Fenix VS Gringo Loco
    AAW Heavyweight Championship
    Jake Something (C) VS Fred Yehi
    Shane Hollister VS Jah-C
    AAW Heritage Championship
    Davey Vega (c) VS Levi Everett

    Also scheduled to appear: Robert Anthony, Sier...

  • AAW: Ring Of Fire

    AAW presents “Ring Of Fire” streaming live April 14th 8:30EST!

    Fans Bring The Weapons
    Hartenbower w/ John E Bravo VS Levi Everrett

    AAW Womens Championship
    Masha Slamovich (c) VS Sierra

    AAW Tag Team Championships
    Jah C & Calvin Tankman VS Schaff & Russ Jones

    Grudge Match
    Mance Warner VS Robert...

  • Prestige Wrestling: Nervous Breakdown

    Prestige Wrestling presents “Nervous Breakdown”, March 31 from Downtown Los Angeles.

    Masha Slamovich VS Aja Kong
    Clark Connors, Kevin Knight & Yuya Uemura VS Sonico, Cody Chun & Guillermo Rosas
    Taya Valkyrie VS Miyu Yamashita
    Kevin Blackwood VS Shigehiro Irie
    Titus Alexander VS Michael Oku

  • Mark Hitchcock Memorial Wrestlecon Supershow 2023

    The 2023 Mark Hitchcock Memorial Show LIVE from the Globe Theater in DTLA! #HighspotsTV

    Negro Casas VS Ultimo Dragon
    Speedball Mike Bailey VS Shigehiro Irie
    AAA Mega Championship
    El Hijo Del Vikingo (c) VS Komander VS Black Taurus
    Rey Horus VS Aramis VS Galeno Del Mal VS Toxin VS Latigo VS Arez

  • AAW: EPIC The 19th Anniversary

    AAW presents Epic: The 19th Anniversary Event! Friday March 24th in Chicago, IL.

    AAW Championship
    Jake Something (c) VS Robert Anthony

    Double Dog Collar
    Davey Vega & Hartenbower VS Mike Bennett & Levi Everett

    Conan Lycan & Solomon Tupu VS Russ Jones & Schaff

    LumberJack Match
    Christi Jaynes VS...

  • AAW: Legacy 2023

    AAW presents Legacy 2023, Friday Feb 17th, live from Berwyn, IL.

    Gnarls Garvin VS Silas Young
    Black Taurus VS Gringo Loco VS Aramis VS Brayden Lee
    AAW Tag Team Championship
    Jah C & Calvin Tankman VS Hakim Zane & Karam
    Christi Jaynes & Queen Aminata VS Sierra & Heather Reckless
    AAW Heritage Champ...

  • Fight Life 8

    Jordan Oliver VS Mike Bailey
    Aaron Rourke VS Lio Rush
    JT Dunn VS B3CCA
    YDNB VS Shot Through The Heart
    Ricky Smokes VS Dustin Waller
    Kylon King VS Griffin McCoy VS Marcus Mathers VS Allie Katch VS Shannon Levangie
    Mike Graca VS Paris Van Dale
    The Haven VS Leiter & Lust
    Yuval Goldshmit VS Danny Mil...

  • Hijo Del Vikingo Interview

    Vikingo is on the hot seat as the infamous Roberto Viper peppers him with YOUR questions! #HighspotsTV

  • AAW: Unstoppable

    AAW presents Unstoppable live from Logan Square in Chicago, IL!

    AAW Heavyweight Championship Match
    Jake Something (c) VS Mance Warner

    AAW Women’s Championship
    Christi Jaynes (c) VS Sierra

    AAW Heritage Championship
    Davy Vega (c) VS Levi Everett

    AAW Tag Team Championship
    Jah C & Tankman (c) VS...

  • Fight Life 7 - Full Show (Remastered Edit)

    Anthony Greene VS Masha Slamovich
    Akira VS Kylon King
    Dustin Waller VS TJ Crawford
    Mike Graca VS Brian Milonas
    Davienne VS Ariel VS Shannon Levange
    featuring JD. Drake Anthony Henry, Jacob Fatu &more

  • AAW: Windy City Classic

    AAW presents The Windy City Classic, Live Friday November 25th on #HighspotsTV!
    Bell Time 7:30CST 8:30EST

    Mance Warner VS Silas Young

    Ladder Match
    Ren Jones VS Nate Webb VS Gringo Loco VS Levi Everrett VS Gary Jay VS Shane Hollister

    AAW Tag Team Championship
    Jah-C & Calvin Tankman VS Alex Ham...

  • AAW: JLMT Night 2

    Who will prevail and be crowned the 2022 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament winner?

    Plus non tournament action!

    #AAWJLMT on #HighspotsTV

  • AAW: JLMT Night 1

    Streaming live from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL.
    BELLTIME 8:30EST/7:30EST
    First Round Matches
    Yamato VS Zachary Wentz
    Schaff VS Davey Richards
    Masha Slamovich VS Dante Leon
    Rich Swann VS Ace Austin
    Fred Yehi VS Calvin Tankman
    Mike Bennett VS Davey Vega
    Silas Young VS Gnarls Garvin