Comedy Wrestling

Comedy Wrestling

Comedy Wrestling
  • Talk N' Shop-A-Mania

    Welcome to the backyard of Doc Gallows palatial estate for the #WorstPPVEver.

    Join Doc, Karl, and Rocky for #TalkNShopAMania F YEAHHHHHH BUDDDDDDDYYYYYY.

    Featuring the #BonerYardMatch,

    George North, Swoggle Ryder, Freight Train, Chico, Chavo,

    Nature Boy Paul Lee, Teddy Long Playa playa and more

  • Talk N' Shop A-Mania 2

    "Big LG" Doc Gallows, "Machine Gun" Karl Anderson, & Rocky Romero are at it again! All of your favorite Talk N' Shop characters return with even MORE surprises and cameos!

    Will Sex Ferguson avenge his loss from TNS1 when he squares off against Chad 2 BADD in the dreaded 'Ball for a Ball Match'?

  • Heroes Of Burke County

    What makes a Hero?

    "It is the surmounting of difficulties that makes heroes."- Louis Kossuth

    Who is your Hero?

    To some a hero is someone like a sports figure or entertainer. For others a hero is much closer to them like a teacher, sibling or parent.

    But in Burke County a hero is one who puts ...

  • Sex Ferguson Interview

    One of the most off the rails or "on the rails" interviews of all time.

  • $5 Wrestling: Carolina Stampede

    Jeff Hart vs. Joey Janela

    Burke County Boys vs. Freight Train, Dyn-O-mite & Lil Donnie

    JP Lehman vs. Mr. Sleaze

    JP Lehman Interview

    Wrestle Ranger vs. Mike Levy

    Raider Rock vs. King Jeremy Snaker vs. Aftershock vs. Mr Krsytal

    Raider Rock Interview

    Mr. Thunderbolt vs. Ted

  • $ 5 Wrestling: 5 Ever

    5 Dollar Wrestling presents "Big Donnie vs. Freight Train" a live iPPV held Sept. 8, 2013 in Concord, NC

    Jeff Hart vs. Storm Maverick

    Samoa Joey vs. Green Fightin' Machine

    Raider Rock vs. King Jermey vs. John Psycho

    Mike Levy & Anthraxx vs. Burke County Boys ("Hardcore" Terry Houston & Pork C...

  • $5 Wrestling: LUCHA Aboveground

    $5 Wrestling

    LUCHA Aboveground

    1. Jeff Hart vs. Mr. Thunderbolt

    2. UCWF Title Match: King Jeremy Snaker vs. Raider Rock

    3. Lucha Libre 5 and/or 6 Way - Loser Must Unmask: Wrestle Ranger vs. On Horned Liger vs. Miguel Leavy vs. El Quako vs. El Moono Dos

    4. ”Hardcore" Terry Houston vs. Black A...

  • $5 Wrestling: Knew & Emproved

    $5 Wrestling

    Knew & Emproved

    Raider Rock vs. Mr. Thunderbolt

    Jeff Hart & Boriss Dukkee vs. Kornbeard & Super America

    King Jermey Snaker vs. Psycho

    Burke County Boys (Big Donnie, ”Hardcore" Terry Houston & Pork Chop Cash Jr.) vs. Lil Donnie Soul Patrol (Deon Johnson & Black Angel)

    $5 Wrestli...

  • $5 Wrestling: Maybe

    $5 Wrestling... MAYBE

    Burke County Boys ("Hardcore" Terry Houston & Pork Chop Cash Jr.) vs. Lil Donnie & ???

    Jeff Hart vs. Aftershock

    4 Man Battle Royal for UCWF World Title - King Jermey Snaker vs. Psycho vs. Nosferatu vs. Xavier Maxim

    The Last KaBOOM Retirement Match Dyn-O-Mite vs. X2

    $5 W...

  • $5 Wrestling: All Gimmicks Needed

    5 Dollar Wrestling Presents

    "All Gimmicks Needed"

    Concord, NC


    Hosted by Colt Cabana & Marty DeRosa

    1. Loser Must Wear a Dress & Ring Announce the Whole Show: Dyn-O-Mite vs. Mr. Sleazy

    2. Vince Russo DVD om a Pole Match: Storm Maverick vs. Greeh Machine vs. Samoa Joey vs. King Jeremy...